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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silent Callers and the Lost Story

Silent callers.  What can I say?  I hate the little, lurking bastards with a blinding passion.  It seems to me that the dumbest thing a caller can do is call a phone sex line and not say a word but, callers do it all the time.  Last week, I got nothing but silent callers for an hour.  I was ready to pull out my hair.  In coaching, we are told to just start talking in character, tell the caller an erotic story that holds his attention.  This has never worked for me.

I get paid on a sliding scale depending on the amount of time I can keep a caller on the line.  Anything less than a minute doesn't count against my average.  Anything above ten is golden. 1-9 is the dead zone, all it does is count against my average and bring that number down.  Talking to silent callers is almost guaranteed to end with a 2 or 3 minute call and I try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

That is usually the easy part.  Silent callers are looking for operators who will play along with them.  I won't. I say 'hello' a couple of times and then laugh and ask 'is anyone there?' even though I can often hear them breathing.  If they persist, I ask them to make 'one little sound, just so I know that you're there.'  That is usually enough to get rid of them or get them to start talking.  The problem is that I hate to lose and a lost call is potential lost income.  I asked of the coaches, and she advised me to use masturbation stories or voyeur stories.  They have worked well for her.

Since I have never thought about how to describe how I masturbate to anyone, I decide to pop over to literotica.com and get some inspiration.  I read a few stories. There's nothing that I can use verbatim but, I get a few ideas and log into the phone sex line.  I improvise a masturbation story and it works.  Like gangbusters.  I manage to turn several silent callers into to regular calls and even manage to max out 2 completely silent calls.  That means that I kept a silent caller on the line for, at least 30 minutes and all the fucker did was listen. I chortle, evilly, and make note of it my log book but, I didn't write the story down.

2 days later, my weekend is over and I log back in. Immediately, I'm having the same goddamned problem with silent callers.  I remember that I managed to totally dominate the little bastards with a story I told but, I can't remember the story.  I start flipping through my log book.  I can find my notations about the calls where the story worked but, I made no notes about the details of the story itself.  I am a dumb-ass.  Later, I tell a couple of the coaches about it and they laugh their asses off.  Both of them tell me that they are going to use my experience as a cautionary tale to new operators about the importance of keeping good notes.

Glad I could help.


  1. Lost stories are the reason I keep a post-it pad and pen in every single room, coat, purse, bag, and in my car. That way, NOTHING is ever lost or forgotten :P

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