Looking foolish does the spirit good. The need not to look foolish is one of youth's many burdens; as we get older we are exempted from more and more, and float upward in our heedlessness, singing Gratia Dei sum quod sum. - Johm Updike

Thanks be to God that I am what I am

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What A Strange (Twitter)verse It Is

Most people realize that I have a tendency to be on Twitter while I am working.  The people I regularly communicate with understand that when I say "I am on a call", it means I cannot pay attention to what is going on in the Twitterverse because I am concentrating on talking to a perv. You know, my job.  The thing I do even though I don't like it because I need money to survive.  My friends understand and grant me the courtesy of patience. @Hallpass69 seemed to have felt otherwise.  He called me an egg.  Which is true, I have no picture in the Twitterverse so I am represented by an egg.  There are safety reasons for this @Hallpass69 may have been unaware of and care less about if he was aware.  He got offended by something I said, informed me that he was going to risk the loss of his 6K followers to destroy me and then blocked and unfollowed me when I let him know I was on a call and would have to speak with him later.

Thank god.  I admit that I joined Twitter to follow a few celebrities and learn more about the indie publishing market.  I didn't expect to enjoy it but, I do.  Al Franken, a man I hugely respect and admire, follows me.  I know it is his staff but, I am still tickled pink by that one.  I have had an enormous amount of fun flirting and exchanging snarky comments with a number of different people. Some I will mention in a moment.  Some, out of respect for their privacy, I will not.  I don't entirely understand Twitter culture but, I already have a few rules.  If you follow me, I will follow you but, only if you have something in your bio.  Blank bios are a little creepy, even to a woman who has to hide her identity for her safety.  To date, I have only blocked one person because, well I am not exactly sure what she was trying to accomplish but, she sent me several direct messages warning me 'people were talking bad about you' but offered no further information.  Unfortunately, she chose to do this on one of the days I was not logged into Twitter.  Hmm ...that's strange, was my first response when I saw her messages.  Goodbye and blocked was the second.  I didn't even block the idiot who suggested I would get more 'business' if I post pictures of myself.  He only follows porn actresses and porn sites. Guess he didn't read my blog, either.  By the way, I have not blocked and unfollowed that woman I was bitching about in my last entry, either.  I just have no intentions of ever communicating with her directly, again.  I still enjoy her links and, bloody hell, there have been a lot of them, lately.

Why am I glad @Hallpass69 is gone?  Unlike the majority of his followers, I didn't solicit him for a follow.  He just appeared one day and I followed him back to be polite.  So, he has known I am an egg for quite awhile now.  I also never asked him to help me gain more followers, which seems to be the vast majority of what he does on Twitter; collect followers and help others do the same.  He's not a writer, a politician, or pundit; his jokes are no where near as funny as @treywafer or @DanKCharnley.  He not a celebrity I am curious about or enjoy ogling. I had been thinking about dropping him for days.  I just didn't feel like being rude.  Luckily, he did it for me.

See, the other thing that I noticed about @Hallpass69 is that he is one arrogant motherfucker.  It seems that only certain people are allowed to actually to communicate with him.  All others, primarily, all females  are allowed to flirt with him and sing his praises, only.  They are not allowed to snark.  Sexism? On Twitter?  Say it ain't so, Joe!  I believe he felt I snarked out of turn to him and his equally unwelcome buddy, @BlackGodSon, and the two decided they needed to put me in my place.  When I failed to respond immediately with the appropriate words of contrition because I was WORKING, I got dropped.  Can you hear my heart shattering into a million little pieces? Hmm, neither can I.

Gentlemen, I don't put up with that shit with the callers who are paying for it.  Thank you for taking yourselves out of my Twitterverse for me.


  1. See? Again, the anonymity of the internet proves what a bunch of low-class monkeys in suits the population at large is. Sexism rampant in today's culture? Good Lord, it's a scandal! I fear I may faint!

    Twitter is an interesting beast and while I love it for a lot of reasons, it's garbage like this that makes me want to drop it. (BUT I CAN'T!)

    I feel that there are certain times that politeness and manners are allowed to be dropped, however, I also agree that Wil Wheaton's mantra of "don't be a dick" followed by a drop and block is an excellent way to deal with petulant little children because honestly, a verbal smackdown isn't enough to teach anyone a lesson these days. Especially not online.

  2. What I find immensely amusing is that he thought you would allow him his grandstanding bullshit. Anyone who has bothered to read your blog, or pay attention to your tweets should know that your far more likely to bite back (in your own time, of course.) than to back down. Even if you had been available when he waved his red flag, what the hell did he expect to happen? Good riddance to bad rubbish, if you can stand the cliche.