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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday sucks!

It has been a shitty night. I've been clawing my way to an acceptable call time average and these assholes are not cooperating.  I finally got my average high enough and then got a string of bad callers.  Son of a bitch.  All that work for nothing.  Sometimes, this is the way it goes.

Highlights of the evening: being told I have a sexy, spooky voice by a guy who is seriously into his pedophile fantasy.  He is a semi-regular who likes to masturbate while I'm giving him a detailed description of a prepubescent schoolgirl.  It sounds absolutely horrible but, believe it or not, he's fun to talk to.  He's in a good mood when he calls.  He doesn't get frustrated when I focus on the wrong thing.  I get so into describing the girl, I forget that part of what he is into is hearing me say that it's alright to masturbate to the image I'm creating for him.  He likes to talk about every day things after he's done instead of just hanging up and he always says goodbye before he does.  Most callers don't bother.  He knows that his fantasy is completely unacceptable and says that he has never acted on it and has no desire to.  I believe him because he has a strong understanding of what phone sex is.  Proof of that is the fact that he knows that the operators are not allowed to state an underage girl's age.  We're allowed to give a physical description and say something like what school grade she is but, we are not allowed to tell a caller she's 9 years old, for example.  Unlike a lot of callers, he doesn't push or get pissy about it.  I once had a caller tell me that he had permission from the company and that I should have gotten a memo concerning this exception.  When I refused, he called me a fucking, frigid, bitch and hung up.

The other reason I am reasonably convinced that this man is not a pedophile is a report published by the F.B.I.  When phone sex started to take off as an industry, some bright-eyed ambitious little Feeb suggested that the agency 'stake out' phone sex companies to try to snag pedophiles .  Instead of jumping in with both feet, the agency commissioned a study of the behavior of pedophiles from a group of experts.  The experts concluded that real pedophiles are too goddamned paranoid to call a phone sex line.  It seems the perverts  figured out before the Feebs did that they could be tracked by their billing information so they aren't calling.  The only perverts I talk to are fake.  Works for me.

The low point, watching my call time average getting demolished by the same perverts. Goddammit.

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