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Friday, April 13, 2012


When I started, no one warned me that callers would want to talk about what I do with other people. What little I thought I knew about phone sex made me think that callers would want to hear about what I would do with them.  I have never seen or read about a phone sex encounter in any media that shows how many time a caller wants to talk about other people but, it happens all the time.  In fact, most of the callers I have discussed so far have wanted more than just me in the fantasy.  Which is really fucking insulting, when I think about it.

Mr. Gross and Boring was the first caller I dealt with who wanted to suck my boyfriend's cock.  As much as I don't like the man, he really is the training wheels caller for a new operator.  He has a very specific fantasy and he is very straightforward about what he wants.  He also is patient with an operator while she is stumbling through his fantasy for the first time if he likes the sound of her voice.  If he doesn't like the sound of her voice or she comes on too strong, he is a Silent Caller.  An operator has a minute or so to impress him with the sound of her voice or he will hang up without ever saying a word to her.  I know because I asked him one day why he kept seeking me out.  Most callers like to imagine that they are having some sort of romantic encounter with a woman who wants to be with them and happens to have the same kink.  Mr Gross and Boring wants to suck my boyfriend's cock so I need a fictional boyfriend with a cock he can suck.  I pictured a character from a movie I had watched the night before and voila, instant boyfriend.  I have blogged about this before.  In this case, I used the image of an actor named Jimmi Simpson and the character he played in a horror movie as a model for his behavior.  I happen to think that Mr. Simpson is a very good looking man and the character he played in that movie reminded me of a boy I dated in high school.  I don't care about his personal life, I am using his image to create a character I use.  Anyway, he should be flattered.  My version of him has a huge cock and can fuck for hours.

Another actor I use as a character when I am telling a fantasy is Norman Reedus.  He would probably not be flattered if he found out.  There are several Family Lovin' callers I have to deal with on a regular basis.  One of the few I can actually tolerate is a writer from Texas who wants to hear about brothers fucking.  Twincest (that's what I will call him here) has a twin brother and the 2 have been fucking since early adolescence.  Please remember to take this information with a grain of salt.  Twincest could be lying to me to try to get me to talk about a subject that turns him on or he could really like having his brother fuck him in the ass.  I have no way of knowing and, truthfully, don't care.  The only thing I cared about at the time was my ability to convince him that I was dating a very nice young man who had a thing for getting fucked by his brother.  I needed two characters who were brothers with a complicated relationship and I watch The Walking Dead because I love a good zombie Apocalypse, so there you go.  I described the Dixon brothers enjoying the occasional threesome very thoroughly without using the names and Twincest was utterly entranced.  To put a little twist on it, I described having sex with my boyfriend while his brother fucked him from behind on several occasions but, told him that I had not had sex with the older brother yet. It was the next stage of our relationship and we three had been waiting for the perfect moment.  We had a weekend getaway planned for next weekend.  I told Twincest that I was very excited to finally have sex with the brother even though I was a little intimidated by him.  I made it clear that I find him very sexy and he has a great cock, I just hope that little old me is up to the brother's very exacting standards.  I hope you are flattered, Michael Rooker.  Some pervert in Texas thinks that you can fuck like a god even though you are really kinky.

I use characters from television shows, movies, books, etc. instead of real people because I am more comfortable doing it that way.  I often pull names from my personal life for the characters I create.  I never use the character or actor's name and I never tell a caller I have fucked that particular actor.  My persona is a small town girl with loose morals and sexual experience of an international escort.  She's isn't a starfucker because she hasn't had the opportunity and hasn't sought it out.  She's happy the way she is.

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