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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Everyone close to me knows I'm into BDSM and have been for years.  I'm a Dominant, not a switch, not a submissive.  You would think that I would be very good at domination calls most of the time and you would be right.  The exception is when callers refuse to cooperate.

Domination phone sex is so easy compared to real domination, no mess, no safety words, no watching the clock to make sure I haven't left my sub in tight restraints too long.  (permanent damage is a very real risk in bondage, research before you play)  I don't have to worry about the length of my nails or if I'm striking too hard.  I do have to worry about whether I not I'm boring my caller.

Best-New-York-Sub is a rose with a few thorns.  In fact, I have just spent the last 3 hours talking to him in 15 minute increments.  The hosting company doesn't allow a caller to purchase a 3 hour block of time to use on one call.  What that means is that I would start to tell the fantasy, we would get disconnected, he would call back and I would have to pick the story up where I left off.  Holy shit, I feel like I've been running an imagination marathon!  Thank god I log and take notes, I would have been lost without being able to track the story from call to call.

I enjoy talking to Best-New-York-Sub because we are into the same things for the most part.  I do use a website called stockroom.com to get ideas to use with this caller.  (On a side note, if I ever get a spare 3 grand to spend, I'm getting myself a Folsom Bondage Bed.  Yeah, I really do want a bedroom that looks like a medieval torture chamber.  Without the rats, of course.  OK, maybe a couple of rubber rats for the humor value.)  This caller does have a habit of going dead silent if he doesn't like the direction I'm going in.  It sure as hell beats a caller hanging up on me but, I still find it annoying.  I'm trying to break him of the habit gently by encouraging him to vocalize and to break character, slightly, to request certain things.  I need feedback, dammit. The other thing is that after I am done with him, I really need a break.  That is not his fault, of course.  It's just hard to deal with other callers after I have talked to one caller for 3 hours.  I feel the same way when I end up getting connected to any caller over and over again.  Mr. Gross-and-Boring exhausts me and royally pisses me off, at the same time.

The last thing that has me the slightest bit annoyed is that this caller is the one I want to use as an example of a fantasy.  I really meant to do that today.  However, thanks to him and another caller who also had a submissive fantasy that took multiple calls to complete, I want the hell out of the dungeon. I'm sick of playing in here tonight and I didn't think that anything could make me say that.

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