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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hard Candy Fantasy

I was going to write about something else but, I want to get this down before I forgot it again.  I have used this story before and it seems to work quite well with many callers.  I call it the Hard Candy Fantasy because I came up with it after talking about a couple of teenage-girl empowerment movies with a friend.  The first film is older, it's called Wilderness Survival For Girls.  Due to some truly crack-brained ideas about how to distribute it, the film never got the recognition it deserved.  The film is about 3 teenage girls who use one of their parents' cabin for a weekend getaway.  The girls discover that a man has been squatting at the cabin and take the 'menacing stranger' captive by tying  him to a chair.  While they are debating what to do with him, the girls' fears and fantasies are touched upon, although they are never fully discussed.  One of the girls shows a strong taste for cruelty, both towards the captive man and toward  one of the other girls. The menacing stranger is alternately baffled and fearful of the girls' behavior.  He keeps trying to use his innate authority  (being male and an adult) to get the girls to release him.  In the end, he begins to attempt to manipulate the 'weakest' girl with a combination of seduction and appeals to her humanity.  The character actor playing the 'menacing stranger' is a favorite of mine named James Morrison.  The second movie is called Hard Candy, a thriller about a confrontation between an alleged sexual predator and a teenage girl who is not as weak as she seems.  Strange how both movies involve good looking men, bound and helpless.

This is the fantasy I use with callers:

"I am the teenage girl you have been chatting with online.  You know how old I am and I know that you are an older man.  We agree to meet and, even though I am surprised by your age, it doesn't scare me away.  In fact, it turns me on.  I agree to go back to your place.  You fix us drinks and I see you slip something into mine.  I realize you want me under your control and that really turns me on, just not in the way you want.  While you're distracted by my flirtatious strip-tease unbuttoning my shirt, I swap the glasses.  I encourage you to drink by gulping down my own and suggest we move to the bedroom so I can finish taking off my clothes for you.

We move to the bedroom and I have you sit on the edge of the bed while I stand in front of you and shimmy out of my clothing one piece at a time.  The heat I see in your eyes really turns me on and encourages me to be bolder.  You feel lightheaded and pass out.  That was my plan.  I realized that there was no way a tiny little thing like me could move a man like you on my own and I want you on the bed.

You wake up and immediately realize that you are bound to the bed.  You try to free yourself with some useless tugging and I start to laugh.  I am sitting on the bed next to you.  I explain that I have bound you with Bondage Tape and you are not getting free without my help.  Just to be clear, you are not getting that help unless you please me.  I straddle your waist and begin to unbutton your shirt.  I explain that what every teenage girl wants is a real-live flesh and blood cock to play with, however she wants and for as long as she wants, without pressure to please the man attached to that cock.  Thanks to your silly, little trick with that spiked drink, I have your cock completely under my control and it's time for me to have fun."

I think that your imagination can take it from there.  I used it tonight on a caller, pulling the "what's your favorite role-play" crap.  Subtext; 'I am too lazy and bored to guide the fantasy so I want you to entertain me and you better get it right'.  I think he was trying to steer me into an incest fantasy and I fucking hate those goddamned things.  So I pulled this rabbit out of my hat.  20 minutes later, he's out of time and I'm talking to a charming Dom from Chicago.

Go me!

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