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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sometimes a caller immediately start interrogating me as soon as I say 'hello'.  This is  No.1, rude.  Pissing of the PSO you're trying to share a fantasy with is not a good way of getting what you want. No one wants to feel like their being questioned by a cop when they are doing their jobs.  The caller is not a cop and I am not required to answer his questions.  In fact, there are rules to protect me that tell me I cannot answer some of his questions.

No. 2, it's pointless.  I'm not answering the caller's questions as me, I'm answering them as my character and she has a completely separate history.  Take 'Julie' for instance, the 18 year old girl I play when I am on a Barely Legal call.  She is 18 and just finishing high school or just starting college but, living at home.  She lives with her mother, stepfather, 2 older stepbrothers, younger stepsister, half-brother, and half sister.  The reason for such a large family?  Incest fantasies.  I hate them with a passion but, they are extremely popular on Barely Legal calls.  Julie's family grew as I added characters for Julie to have had encounters with, the idea of having sex with a step sibling is a lot easier to stomach than a biological sibling.  Sometimes, that is not enough for a caller, hence the other siblings.  Giving the caller a large cast to choose from takes some of the guesswork/mind-reading callers seem to expect.  Julie's family owns and operates a large CSA (community supported agriculture) organic farm.  The reason for that is so that Julie's first sexual experience was with one of the summer interns her mother hired to work on the farm.  Julie has a boyfriend and a girlfriend and likes sex in groups.  The only personality trait, 'Julie' shares with me is her dominant attitude.  She is definitely in charge of her own sexuality.

I've tried being submissive when that seems to be what a caller wants and I just can't do it.  If the caller is a talker, I can ooze my way through it by just letting him run the fantasy and making the appropriate noises.  It the caller is one of those "This is what I want, now entertain me" types, I am screwed.  My mind just goes blank.  I don't even know how to start.  I can handle a submissive call if the caller wants me to be sweet and loving (in fact, I had a great deal of fun doing one tonight) but, if he wants someone complicit in her own abuse, forget it.

No. 3, if I lose control of the call, it's probably going to end up being too short and that is not good.  If I let an interrogator run by just answering his questions, meekly, he has control of the call and wrestling it away from him is a waste of time.  If I try, he'll get pissed because he's not getting what he wanted and he'll still hang up.  Damned if I do...Damned if I don't.  The only way to win with these assholes is to get control of the call by insisting that they answer my questions and try to ease them into having a conversation instead.  If they don't like it, they'll hang up pretty quickly.

Anyway,  this asshole in San Francisco started interrogating me right from hello.  When I tried to get on top of the conversation by asking him questions, he went ballistic.  He started screaming "Are you paying for this call?" over and over again.  I started to try to tell him he doesn't seem to understand what he is paying for but, it was impossible to get through.  I told him that I wasn't going to listen to him until he behaved and he hung up.  What an ass-wipe. I was really pissed for about 3 seconds until I realized that he was probably angry because every PSO he spoke to was doing the same thing, trying to control the call by turning the tables on him.  The poor little fuck-wit was expecting to have a conversation with a dumb-as-shit strung out  whore who would do whatever he wanted and instead, ran into a pack of canny, talented women determined to get what they needed no matter what.

Play nice or fuck off and die, dick-less wonder.  We don't have time for your bullshit.

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