Looking foolish does the spirit good. The need not to look foolish is one of youth's many burdens; as we get older we are exempted from more and more, and float upward in our heedlessness, singing Gratia Dei sum quod sum. - Johm Updike

Thanks be to God that I am what I am

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I did on my Mini-Vaction

I took a few days off for personal reasons.  For those who know, thank you.   The funny thing is I never manage to really get away from my job. I am either doing research or talking to friends to find out what I am not seeing.  No one is perfect and something that seems utterly incomprehensible to me might seem fine to someone else.

I talked to a caller who has a serious fetish for Black cock on my 'Friday'.  He describes himself as a heterosexual man in a committed relationship but, he fantasizes about worshiping Black cock as a submissive.  I don't talk to this man often.  He only calls very late at night.  I didn't recognize him, at first, and started out with a strong Black Domme persona.  Because of his fetish, this doesn't quite work with this caller even though he likes being dominated by a Black woman.  When he started asking about how I have sex with a black man, I should have figured it out, dammit.  Oh hell, It was late and I was slow on the uptake.  He expressed amazement that I would dominate a Black man, didn't wanted to get 'plowed' by a big Black cock and he viewed fellatio as a submissive act.  He has obviously never been restrained and had a woman use her her mouth to tease him.  An act I highly recommend, by the way.  He had trouble accepting the idea that sometimes a Domme is a Domme all the time and not just a woman  waiting to find a man strong enough to make her submissive.  A great many men suffer from this lack.

But, I'm not going to talk about that right now.  What I am going to talk about is my friend's reaction to being told about this caller's fetish.  Ying Yu, (yes, its a pseudonym, you don't need to know his name) is a young, intelligent, well-mannered, politically active Black man with a healthy and sensitive attitude about sex.  So I was surprised when I started talking about this caller's fetish and he started grinning like a maniac.  In a flash, I realized that a part of him LOVES being viewed as a sexual fetish.  Little brat.  He started telling me about why he likes it but, we got sidetracked into talking about cock-size fetishes instead.

The alcohol may have had something to do with it.

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