Looking foolish does the spirit good. The need not to look foolish is one of youth's many burdens; as we get older we are exempted from more and more, and float upward in our heedlessness, singing Gratia Dei sum quod sum. - Johm Updike

Thanks be to God that I am what I am

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canadian Republicans?

I just got hung up on by a drunken Canadian who tried to tell me that Barack Obama is a horrible president because of his health care reform law.  The weird thing is; he sounded like Rush Limbaugh.  Do I believe that a conservative talk radio show host would a impersonate a Canadian to  try to convert PSOs to the Republican party?  Actually, yes I do.  A number of men who want to argue politics are conservative, middle class white males who are utterly baffled that I cannot agree with their point of view.  They most certainly will not listen to mine.  They become enraged if I try to talk about it.  Some of them will stay on the line, sure they can change my mind.  They will even call back.  Some of them will agree to drop the subject.  Some of them will call me foul names and hang up.  What they cannot do is convince me that the Republican party has my best interest at heart, Because they most certainly do not.

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