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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sub Punishment Fantasy

Most of the men who call and say they want to be Dominated really don't.  They have never been with a Dominant in real life and they have no idea how to behave as a submissive.  So I came up with a little fantasy to help with that problem.

"You only exist to please me and, at this moment, you are failing."

"I want you naked, slave, with the items I instructed you to assemble beside you, facing the full length mirror.  Take the towel, fold it in half and place it in front of the mirror.  Take the 8 inch oral training dildo with the suction cup base and anchor it to the mirror at the same level as your cock while you are standing.  Make sure that it is firmly anchored, slave.  If it comes loose while you are demonstrating your oral skills to me, I will be very angry with you and your punishment will be worse."

Now, pour out the birdseed on the towel.  Smooth it out just enough and kneel on the birdseed.  Keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor, no resting on your heels.  I want the full weight of your body pressing your knees into the birdseed.  It's uncomfortable now.  It will quickly become excruciating.  Now, you have my permission to use whichever anal device you have.  I do hope you have chosen something that vibrates.  If you have, I want it on the lowest setting."

"You will keep your eyes open while you demonstrate your cock sucking talents to me.  I want you to start at the base and slowly run the tip of your tongue from the base to the tip and back again.  Imagine that I have presented you with a well hung man to pleasure while I watch.  Kiss around the base and remember to moan for me, slave.  I want to hear you enjoy that cock.  Run your tongue from the base to the tip and back again. Think about pleasing me as you please that cock.  Keep running your tongue from the base to the tip, concentrate on the texture.  Get that cock wet with your tongue.  No matter how much you hurt or how distracting the device in your ass is, concentrate on wetting that cock."

"Now, it is time to focus on the head of the cock.  Swirl your tongue around the head, slowly, mapping the shape with your tongue.  Keep your mouth wet.  Nibble on the ridge, gently with your teeth.  Swirl your tongue over the head again.  Flick your tongue against the very tip of the cock with as much force as you can muster.  Imagine a man standing over you, his hands bound behind his back, moaning with pleasure.  As you please him, you please me.  Trace your tongue over the V, think about how good that feels as you work your tongue over the shape."

Now, start to take that cock into your mouth, slowly, inch by inch.  I want to see you take that cock into your mouth, I want to see your head bob.  Work that cock like that man bought you jewelry.  You have my permission to stroke your cock while you are deep-throating that cock.  You may come while on your knees with the cock in your mouth. If you can.  And you will do so to please me."

The caller should be breathing hard while you are speaking. Trust me, if what I am saying, no matter how bizarre, is turning a caller on, he is stroking his cock.  They don't wait for permission, no matter what they say.   If he starts getting restless, adjust the story to suit.

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